Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Send your requests for our FIRST REQUESTS SHOW!

Next week's show (see next post down) will be pre-recorded, since I'll be away.

The week after, though (February 23, 2011), I'll make up for it by offering my first REQUESTS show!

Bear in mind: I probably won't be able to take requests live on the air. I keep my music tracks on one computer; my mike is hooked up to another. If you want to request stuff, you should do it HERE!

So- here's a list of artists I've got a decent selection of. I have other stuff beside this, and I will look up albums if I think the request is worth it (and I have the money), so feel free to request whatever!

Tom Smith
The Great Luke Ski
Marc Gunn
The Brobdingnagian Bards
Sudden Death
Max DeGroot
Lemon Demon
Dr. Demento anniversary collections
Tom Lehrer
They Might Be Giants
Stan Freberg
Ray Stevens
Weird Al Yankovic
C. W. McCall
John Williams (movie themes)
Jimmy Buffett
Monty Python
Space Ghost (Cartoon Planet)

And, of course, there will be AT LEAST ONE song from each of these on the show:
Consortium of Genius
P. D. Q. Bach

So- request something. Request ANYTHING! What would you like to listen to?

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