Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DISCUSS: What features should the show keep, dump or add?

First things first: I'm going to stop doing the "RG Wants to Sell Your CDs" segment, at least for the time being. It's the hardest thing to pick for, it never goes with the rest of the show, it happens when the fewest people are listening, and right now I don't have the money to stock new CDs anyway.

Here are the other features on the show- I'd like your input on whether they should be kept or dropped.

A COG MOMENT- a song by the Consortium of Genius!

CULTURE TIME WITH P.D.Q. BACH- classically crappy classical music, the most broken of the Baroque, by the music mangler of Wein-am-Rhein, as "discovered" by Professor Peter Schickele

A WORD FROM SOMEBODY'S SPONSOR- one or more fake or just plain weird ads.

KRIS BOUGHT A NEW CD- a cut from an album I recently bought that has not heretofore been played on the show (does anyone even notice this one?)

REDNECK GAIJIN NEWS- one (or more) bizarre news item(s), with a song in its honor.

Also, if you have a suggestion for some other regular feature, let me know!

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