Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How The Show Will Be Formatted

"Redneck Gaijin Has His Own Show" is going to be mostly either funny or fannish music or comedy, although we might play something more mainstream if there's a point to be made.

Dropped into each show, though, will be each of the following features- usually, but not always, in the following order:

A COG MOMENT- In which the Consortium of Genius hijack the program to play one of their masterworks of evil.

KRIS BOUGHT A NEW CD- I'll buy a new CD or album of some sort (that is, new to ME) for every show and play a track off it, whether or not it fits with the theme of the show.

A WORD FROM SOMEBODY'S SPONSOR- In which I play either a fake ad... or some real commercial jingle/song that's just too ludicrous to ignore.

REDNECK GAIJIN'S NEWS OF THE WEEK- The most demented item in recent news, with a song chosen in honor of the article.

CULTURE TIME WITH P.D.Q. BACH- A selection from the musical works of the twenty-first of Johann Sebastian Bach's twenty children- possibly the worst composer to ever have nearly twenty records of his compositions released.

REDNECK GAIJIN WANTS TO SELL YOUR CDS- Among my many activities, I'm a small dealer in dementia music. And I want to expand my offerings. Just before the end of the show I'll feature a song by an artist or group I want to buy CDs wholesale from. (Why CDs? Because there's not much room for a middleman in MP3 downloads, and it's entirely taken. Also, kind of hard to sell MP3 downloads at a convention booth.)

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