Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RG01: THEME SONGS Playlist

Idiot Control Now - Lemon Demon, Hip to the Java Bean

Powerhouse- Raymond Scott, Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights

Smells Like Cartoon Planet - Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que: Featuring 25 Hickory-Smoked Harmonies (Television Soundtrack)

Summon the Heroes - John Williams and the Boston Pops, Summon The Heroes

Strong Badia National Anthem - Strong Bad and Ms. Partsmatter's 1st Grade Class, Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits

A COG MOMENT: Bow 2 the Cog - Consortium of Genius, Free Brains and Dead Bodies

The Great Luke Ski and Dementia Revolution - The Great Luke Ski, Baconspiracy

The Liberty Bell (John Phillip Sousa) - Paul Washington Marching Band, Sousa Favorites

Journey of the Sorcerer - The Eagles, One Of These Nights

Journey of the Sorcerer and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish - Joby Talbot, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Original Soundtrack]

KRIS BOUGHT A NEW CD: Track 22 (Frogstar Robot) - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams Live in Concert

Jessica - They Might Be Giants, Why Does the Sun Shine / Jessica / Whirlpool / Spy

The Tick - Sci-Fi Channel - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Defenders Of Justice

Axel F. - Harold Faltermeyer, Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

A WORD FROM SOMEBODY'S SPONSOR: Waffle House Family Pt. 1 - Mary Welch Rogers, Waffle House Jukebox Favorites, Vol. 1 - Music CD

Dark Lady Theme - Soundtrack from "Slayers the Movie: Go!" (couldn't find it for sale)

Tenchi Muyo! OAV Series 1 Theme (Re-Mix version) - Tenchi Muyo Music 1

Lupin III theme '78 version - Lupin III soundtrack (1989, don't know the title, couldn't find it for sale)

Moonlight Denetsu - Dali, Sailor Moon And The Scouts: Lunarock (Anime Series)

I Have the Power - Consortium of Genius, In COG We Trust

Raumpatrouille Orion - G. S. O., Science Fiction Movie Themes (Film Score Anthology)

MST3K Theme - The Nick Atoms, Live Beyond Mars

Shapes of Things - The Jeff Healey Band, Cover to Cover

G. I. Joe. - Cartoon Theme Songs (sorry, can't find the CD)

G. I. Jew - Jon and Al

CULTURE TIME WITH P.D.Q. BACH - Theme and Closing (Divers Ayres on Sundrie Notions) - P. D. Q. Bach, The Dreaded P.D.Q. Bach

That's Mathematics - Tom Lehrer, The Remains of Tom Lehrer

Theme From Super Skrull - Ookla the Mok, Super Secret

Spaceballs the Theme Song - Spaceballs

Harvey the Wonder Hamster - Weird Al Yankovic, Alapalooza

Gyopi-Chan the Super Goldfish - Kingyo Chuuihou (Goldfish Warning!) BGM Album

REDNECK GAIJIN WANTS TO SELL YOUR CDS: The Table Near the Band and My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner- Gimme Gimmes Version - Power Salad, The FuMP

Mighty Science Theater - Joel, Mike & the Bots, Clowns in the Sky: The Musical History of Mystery Science Theater 3000

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