Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This week's show: SICK DAY #1

I've got a bad case of the Con Crud this week, so I'll be using my voice as little as possible. That means a new playlist from scratch... and it also, by the way, means there's room tonight for requests! (Well, some, anyway.)

Sorry, no Redneck Gaijin News, no New CD, no Wants to Sell Your CDs this week.

We WILL have a (short) moment of culture with PDQ Bach, a DOUBLE SHOT of prehistoric COG tracks, and a lot of other stuff besides, though!

Tune in at 9 PM CST Wednesday nights to !

(Set WinAmp or your preferred Internet streaming audio application to to listen.)

And feel free to join us on IRC during the broadcast!

A full list of songs played, plus links on where you can find the albums they're from, will be posted here immediately after the show. (If I feel up to it.)

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